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Shahid Mahmoud

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2019 / Shahid Mahmoud

From offering ice cream to a worker under the sun to feeding hundreds of people on the daily.

My name is Shahid Mahmoud, I'm from Pakistan. One day, it was summer and the weather was so hot. I went to
the dentist with my wife and was waiting outside the clinic.

I saw one lady working under the sun distributing flyers. I felt that she was struggling so I wanted to
offer her an ice cream. She smiled! In some way, I felt happy that I helped and made someone happy.

I decided to keep on making people happy by offering food for poor and needy people. From 6 person  to
10 people until today now I am happy to offer a one-time meal for 500 people from different nationalities and religions.

“Distributing the food, different nationalities, making them happy, is the version of my Tolerance"